Zoho Finance Platform Soars with 45% Customer Growth and Expanded Ecosystem

Global technology company Zoho has announced that its Zoho Finance platform has achieved significant growth and expansion. Zoho Finance platform is growing with 45% customer growth and expanding ecosystem. The company has added 230+ extensions to the Zoho Marketplace, launched a dedicated developer portal, and introduced Zoho Practice, a new practice management solution for accounting professionals.

Zoho Practice which is a comprehensive solution that helps accountants manage their clients, their finances, and their firm’s operations. It includes features like customer management, document management, task management, timesheets and billing, and collaboration. It is also pre-integrated with Zoho Practice with Zoho Books and Zoho Expense which will provide a new experience for accounting firms and all their clients.

Zoho Finance platform continues to grow

Zoho Finance platform continues to grow with a 63% growth in global accounting partner network last year. The company is also expanding its reach into new markets like Germany and India. Zoho Practice is a modern solution for accountants that also provides rare services. Zoho Practice in Zoho Finance platform which mainly provides one-stop solution for managing customers, documents, tasks, timesheets and billing.

Key Features of Zoho Practice

Customer Management: This includes features like create and manage profiles, track interactions, and store important documents.

Time & Billing: It helps track time spent on client projects and can create invoices and accept payments online.

Tax Preparation: Helps prepare tax returns for individuals and businesses and can file them electronically.

Practice Management: This will help you manage leads, keep track of all opportunities, and measure practice performance.

Financial Reporting: Prepare comprehensive financial reports for clients, including balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements.

The Zoho Finance platform now includes over 20 applications, is used by over 10 million businesses worldwide and is extremely convenient.

Zoho Finance Platform expands its reach and capabilities

Zoho Finance platform now available in Germany and India. Meanwhile, Zoho Books now has a free student edition to train future financial professionals. Additionally, the Zoho Finance platform now includes capabilities such as corporate tax for UAE businesses.

Zoho Billing is a new solution for customers in the Zoho Finance platform that helps businesses scale pricing, experiment and go to market faster.

Custom solution for Zoho Finance Platform developers

The Zoho Finance platform has also released an enterprise-grade developer portal. This enterprise-grade developer allows the portal to create extensions that customize specific functions of their finance applications and automate routine processes.

As well as publishing extensions to Zoho Marketplace, businesses can use this portal to create their own extensions for use within their organizations.

The Zoho Finance platform is more versatile than ever

The Zoho Finance platform is now more versatile than ever so Zoho Marketplace now offers 230+ extensions. These extensions are mainly introduced to businesses to solve advanced needs and add functionality that makes it easier for the user.

Pricing and Availability of Zoho Finance Platform

Zoho Practice is free accounting software that you can use easily. Additionally users can be added by purchasing add-ons which works out to $2.5 monthly per user. Zoho Practice is a part of the Zoho Finance platform that runs alongside financial applications and includes Zoho Books, Zoho CRM, and Zoho ProjectsAlso: When is the Tax Deadline? Why Most Americans Miss the Deadline

Zoho Practice integrates with all other Zoho applications, making it easy to manage your finances from one place. Zoho is concerned about user privacy and does not have an advertising-revenue model in any part of its business, including its free products. Zoho owns and operates its own data centers that oversee customer data, privacy and security.

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