Kentucky siblings hit jackpot, Win $200,000 from Cash Ball 225 game

Kentucky siblings hit jackpot: On October 24, 2023, siblings Kevin and Kelly Hedrick from Catlettsburg, Kentucky won over $225,000 playing the Cash Ball 225 lottery game. A pair of Kentucky brother-sisters have won $200,000 in the lottery after matching all five numbers on their ticket. They were playing games every day, and Kevin picked numbers based on birthdays and anniversaries.

When Kevin found out he had won, he called his sister and told her, “You and I are going to have a great fight.” Kelly was surprised and excited, and said the win was “amazing”. The Kentucky siblings hit jackpot and they split the winnings after taxes, each receiving $80,442.15. Today in this article we will know what brother-sister Kevin and Kelly Hedrick did with this money and we will also know what is Cash Ball 225?

Kentucky siblings hit jackpot and win $225K from Cash Ball 225 game

A pair of Kentucky siblings have won more than $200,000 in the lottery after matching all five numbers on their ticket. October 24, 2023 Kevin and Kelly Hedrick jointly purchased a $225,000 top prize-winning Cash Ball 225 ticket from Clark’s Pump-N-Shop on State Route 3 in Catlettsburg, Boyd County.

What is the winning strategy of the Kentucky brothers and sisters? So when asked about his strategy, Kevin told the Kentucky Lottery that he plays Cash Ball 225 daily and picks the numbers based on birthdays and anniversaries.

Kevin found out he had the winning ticket when his father called to tell him he had seen the winning numbers on his iPad. When Kevin told the Kentucky Lottery, “They recognized that these were the numbers I play all the time.”

Kevin then immediately returned to his car and took out his tickets from the glove box, after which when he came back inside he eagerly started checking the winning numbers. Now the time came when line number four on his ticket matched, his happiness knew no bounds. 5 Best Tulsa Cheapest Car Insurance Company: Save Big in 2023

What did Kevin do with the $225,000 top prize he won?

Kevin and Kelly split the winnings after taxes, giving them $80,442.15 each. They plan to use the money to help with their bills and pay off some debt and Kevin said we will also continue playing the Kentucky Lottery and win another prize down the road.

If you, the Kentucky siblings hit jackpot and won $200,000 from the Cash Ball 225 game, as much as you want, it’s important to know all you need to know about Cash Ball 225. Here we have What is Cash Ball 225? And information about how it works and the maximum amount you can win is given.

What is Cash Ball 225?

Cash Ball 225 is a daily lottery game exclusive to the state of Kentucky where everyone wants to try their luck. Each game costs $1 and players choose four white balls numbered 1 to 35 and one red cash ball numbered 1 to 25. The odds of winning the top prize of $225,000 are 1 in 1,309,000, so play smart. There are also seven other prize tiers, with prizes ranging from $1 to $10,000.

Players can purchase tickets to play Cash Ball 225 at any Kentucky Lottery retailer. Players can also choose to play Quick Pick which allows the computer to randomly select numbers for them. The Cash Ball 225 drawing is held every day at 11:00 PM Eastern Time.

If you want to see it in action, you can get a closer look as the drawings are broadcast live on Kentucky Educational Television (KET) and streamed live on the Kentucky Lottery website. In 2022, a man from Fairdale, Kentucky won the top prize of $225,000 and this year in 2023, brother-sister Kevin and Kelly Hedrick from Catlettsburg, Kentucky have won the same prize.

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